What’s next for the Wanted Men?

I’ve had readers asking lately whose turn is next in the series, so I thought I’d document my answer here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to be clear, there are no publication dates for the following. This is just how I see the series playing out. Though if you’d like to make this post a reality, please leave a review, and share our Wanted Men with the world!

Okay, self-promo is done. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What’s next? Well, I’m currently finishing up Alekzander Tarasov’s story, which will be 4th in line. After Alek will come the president of the Obsidian Devil’s MC, Vex. His book is a little more relaxed than the previous 4, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Following Vex will be the Romanian, Lucian Fane. Lucian’s story is an angsty tale about coping with loss and having to live with the choices one has made. Choices that often affect innocents. This book has left me heavy-hearted more than once. Poor Lucian…

Moving on, and depending if the interest in the boys is still there, next in line would be our Pakhan, Vasily Tarasov(partly written), then our former boss and absentee brother, Stefano Moretti(partly written), our Obsidian Devil’s VP, Caleb Paynne (partly written), and finally, our resident assassin, Micha Zaretsky (also, you got it, partly written). Micha’s book has an awesome twist that I just LOVE—Maksim hates it! *rubs hands together

Too, I will also most definitely be finishing Lorenzo & Tegan’s story, and will give Quan and Jak, respectively, their chance in the spotlight. But these last three will most likely be novellas released in between the others. I’m debating whether or not to go full-length novel on them, but am not sure where I’ll find the time.

Now, all that being said, as I go through the series, I’m constantly introducing new characters. For instance, in Alek’s book, you’ll meet high-powered attorney Matthew Sheppard. I like him and may give him his own book/novella. Hey! As I just wrote that, I realized Matthew would be a beautiful addition to another series I’m writing…hmmm…now I’ll have to think on that. Anyway, my point is, I may do some other side characters as I go along, or I may not…? If anyone has any interest in someone I didn’t mention here (Abel & Jerod, aka the Berkman twins *wags brows) please let me know. Those two would also be fabulously dirty in that other series. Grr. Okay. I’m done. BYE! *waves