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TWO MORE SENSES DOWN (Touch and Hearing!)

As of December 16/14, the paperback and audiobook versions of A LOVE OF VENGEANCE are available! Took a short while for them to catch up to the all-powerful earlier released Kindle version, but they did it! I’ve listed purchase links below for anyone interested. 🙂

Kindle & Paperback versions:


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Paperback version:



Audiobook (CD/MP3-CD) version:


5-Star Review!

On December 10/14, Gemini, at Read Your Writes Book Reviews, turned the spotlight to A LOVE OF VENGEANCE on their fantastic blog (you’ll spend more time there than planned, believe me, my edits can attest!). A wonderful review was the result! I’m so grateful for these avid readers turned reviewers who are connecting with my characters. I couldn’t have asked for more. A direct quote that I fell madly in love with from the review; “In retrospect, it could be said that this is what happens when you try to escape fate.” *hands on cheeks* Looooove her intuitive take!! Thanks Gemini! xxoo 😀


My publisher, the wonderful Montlake Romance, is generously giving away 20 copies of A LOVE OF VENGEANCE. The giveaway is through Goodreads and ends December 16th. The day ALoV releases in paperback! (Can’t wait. I love my Kindle, but nothing beats the feel, smell, and texture of the actual book…*sigh) If you’d like to enter for your chance at a copy, click the link and fill out the simple form! Good luck! 🙂

A Great Review!

A Love of Vengeance received a glowing review from Linda Green at Fresh Fiction (December 8/14). Go check it out! Aside from my personal reasons for loving FF, their site is jam-packed with great stuff for us readers. They review romance, mystery & thrillers, fantasy & science fiction, YA, AND non-fiction! Something for everyone. Books, books, books! Go visit. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Find Me On tsu!

Lately, I’ve been reading about changes coming to Facebook *face palms after all that networking* that will affect authors and no doubt  others who use the platform professionally. So when tsu (there’s supposed to be an accent on the ‘u’) kept popping up to claim my attention, I jumped ship. Please join me! If you’re worried about the another new format to get used to, don’t. It’s nearly identical to Facebook. See you there. 🙂

Book 2 is coming along!

Today–such a busy day–I received two cover concepts from my publisher for the eye-candy that will grace the front of The Salvation of Vengeance (Wanted Men #2). Cover #1! Cover #1! Please!

I must say, the art department at Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing kicks some serious arse! Kerrie Robertson, you know I’m talking about you. <3

To those of you looking forward to Vincente’s and Nika’s story, this cover will blow you away. Smokin’ hot! The jaw-line on that man, those lips, the leather duster!! OMG.

That is all. 😉

An Incredible Honor!

The Romance Dish celebrated their 5th Anniversary on November 14, 2014! Congratulations to PJ and Andrea! During their online celebration, guest authors and reviewers visited and offered their congratulations. They left the party with a Top 5 list of some of their favorite things. All were great lists of much loved books, songs, movies, etc, but the one that will stay with me for a long time to come is the one PJ Ausdenmore left at the end of her post. Her list was made up of her top five newly discovered authors of 2014. The charming, generous woman had the crazy notion of ADDING MY NAME TO THAT LIST! *jaw is unhinged and eyes are bugging*

I can’t even tell you how honored I felt to be included with the other four talented authors; Patience Griffin, Rose Lerner, Erin Knightley, and Elizabeth Michels. PJ’s message to me was, Write faster!, and I am most definitely spinning the boys’ stories out as quickly as can be done. Thank you again, PJ! xxoo

The Romance Dish

On November 13th, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the gracious PJ Ausdenmore at The Romance Dish (.com) Thanks again, PJ!

New Website Launches

Nancy’s website launches just in time for the release of her first book, LOVE OF VENGEANCE!