Nancy Haviland
Loyalties will be tested. Secrets will be told. Mob justice will be served.


Hi Everyone!

I’m back with a couple of updates! But first I must take a moment to thank all of you VERY patient readers who have stuck with me through my necessary hiatus. I appreciate your understanding and your continued support more than you know. <3

Hopefully, you’ll forgive me when I tell you I have a couple of new releases coming soon! Unfortunately, neither of these books are Vasily’s. I know that’s the one many of you are waiting for, and I can assure you it is on its way, but it simply isn’t finished yet. As this is, in fact, the way I make my living (sorry if that offends some people) I have to release what I have when I have it. I wrote one of the coming books last year, and it isn’t a Wanted Men book. The other came to me during a break I took from my current WIP (Vengeance Revealed, WM #6), and it IS absolutely a Wanted Men book! (Preorder links below)

I hope you’ll enjoy these reads when they arrive even though they aren’t the book you were hoping for. All I can promise you about Vasily and Kathryn, and Lucian and Yasmeen, is that their books are in progress and I will release them the moment they’re finished. <3

Thank you again for your continued support and patience!

Nancy xoxo

Revisit Nancy Haviland’s bestselling mafia series with this Wanted Men prequel novella featuring a Russian mobster who is forced to put vengeance aside in order to appease the Pakhan he calls father! The Zavrazin organization will be here November 21st!


He sees her. He falls.

He proves it by killing for her in a room full of his associates.

Now he’ll take her home and try to convince her a love that descends like a hammer is one that can last a lifetime.

She sees him. She stumbles.

She proves her sophistication by fainting, then comes to in a Russian mobster’s compound.

Now she’ll protect herself while experiencing all the things she’s been denied her entire life.

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